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Healthcare concept of professional psych

Dr. Jenny Rogojanski provides psychological assessments as a regular part of her practice. The primary focus of Dr. Jenny’s current assessment practice is on psychodiagnostic assessments. These assessments examine an individual’s emotional, physical, and behavioural symptoms in order to identify and, when warranted, diagnose a mental health disorder. In Ontario, the diagnosis of mental health disorders is a controlled act, with psychologists and psychological associates being the only non-physician professionals granted the authority to engage in this activity. 


When undergoing a psychodiagnostic assessment, Dr. Jenny will conduct a clinical interview and may also ask you to complete some self-report questionnaires. At times, and with your explicit consent, other individuals may be involved in the assessment process (e.g., a significant other). The duration of the interview can vary in length; however, a typical assessment will take between one to two hours to complete and may be split into more than one session if necessary. Upon completion of the assessment, Dr. Jenny will provide you with feedback regarding her diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations, and you will have the opportunity to ask any clarifying questions you may have. Although most people are quite anxious about the assessment process, Dr. Jenny works hard to ensure your comfort. For inquiries, please feel free to contact Dr. Jenny directly. 

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